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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 13, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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and others time and money and support may run o. tune in to fox news sunday. congresswoman michelle bachmann will be on. i will be on the panel. >> an american contractor taken from his bed recommend in pakistan . plus, minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann wins the iowa straw poll. our fox news team with all of the breaking details. i am harris faulkner we are live with the fox report tonight. >> i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states. >> harris: texas governor rick perry making it official and joining the hopefuls and
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skipping the traditional walk through iowa and tonight, good strategy or not. fox reports live from south carolina. and missing in aruba. an american woman who vanished while snorkeling. new information on the man she was with as the f.b.i. turns up disturbing details on the prime suspect. plus, he fought off the taliban and rocket-propelled grenade to find and save his fellow soldiers. meet the first living marine to receive the medal of honor in nearly 40 years. in the first major test for the race to the white house among the gop a winner in iowa. results from the straw poll in
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iowa. michelle bachmann leading the back beating ron paul and tim pawlenty who was in second and third place respectively . first time it was open to write in candidates and the vote crucial for the republican party. thousands of iowans and it is long considered a signature event. since the first nomination is held in the state. for some candidates it say boost and others the beginning of the end. for the congresswoman a bost. >> we agree with the declaration of independence that we have the right of pursuit of happiness and the founders to define we have the right to keep the fruits was our own labor. what a concept. >> i can tell you that michelle bachmann is about to hit the road. we are watching live from ames, iowa. this is her campaign tour bus
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and we are waiting for her to speak and step to the microphone and we'll bring it to you life immediately. meanwhile karl cameron is live in ames. a lot of electricity going on where you are right now? >>reporter: i am itching to get out to the bus. we are in here where they revealed the historic straw poll and capacit to end or catapult candidates forward . michelle bachmann who expected a victory predicated on the tremendous buzz she generated in the few short weeks of being a candidate this win certainly gives her a claim to be a competitor in iowa and nationwide. bachmann will come out of the bus and greet her throng of fans and then back to work for the minnesota congresswoman. she was born in waterloo, iowa
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. she will be campaigning when rick perry will make his first appearance. for bachmann it is a big deal and question to ron paul's candidacy. he was only 200 votes away from taking this and the texas congressman can be claiming to be a contender for the iowa caucus. when you look back, in the last three or five cycles. who ever came in first or second has been the winner of the iowa caucus. bachmann and ron paul have history on their side. for tim pawlenty who came in a distant third with less than half of the votes, now comes serious crunch time and reassessment time. his aids said if he didn't make the top three, they would have to look at down sizing the campaign. mr. pawlenty put out a statement saying they were pleased they were able to get
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third but recognize a tremendous amount of work to get down. he was down two percent in the polls and now claim he was a contender in the straw poll. one thing we are told that is not officially tabulated. perry may have had 700 write in-votes and that puts him ahead of massachusetts former governor mitt romney. romney made the decision not to politic for the traw poll. it is a sign that romney and perry may be in a two-man race in the national level because of the mon yebuzz that perry is sure to get soon. iowa straw poll, first time ever they had write ins and far exceeded their expectations of turn out and a measure of turn out and enthusiasm to have someone to oust president obama and unite
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the republican party. the iowa caucus will intensify and five or six months before the caucus and a yore and half away. but when the first voters speak in 2012 as they have today, the republican party is getting geared up more than ever for a very, very tough battle, one that michelle bachmann claims that she can take the lead on. >> getting back to ron paul. he came in second and his vote count was close . talk about what his campaign may be doing . seeing him in the recent debate changed their vote one way or the other. people just really wouldn't leave his tent today. what is being said about ron paul today. the loyalty of ron paul voters is acknowledged by his rivals to be the deepest. he his the capacit tow bring
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them out to straw polls. he's won a string of them this year. bachmann's victory over him is achievement and grass root and lib tarian politics on foreign policy doesn't always go over so well with republicans. they believe that he's almost isolationist policy doesn't fit with the gop strong on foreign policy views. ron paul comes out empowered and always a strong candidate and iconic in republican/libitarian politics it is awn said three tickets out of iowa. tim pawlenty and his campaign breathing a sigh of relief. they may be in steerage but got a ticket to continue to compete in iowa. >> harris: michelle bachmann we saw her tour bus getting
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ready to pull out. i know she may say something to the microphone at this point? >>reporter: she is an ark gressive campaigner and setting a new pace for the candidates. we had the debate and the ames state fair in demoney . she's been packing her calendar with town hall meetings and doing a tremendous amount of covering miles in iowa. she's got a very, very tight campaign style in which she makes remarks and draws huge crowd and stays on a tight schedule and does it over and over again. tomorrow she will be in waterloo, iowa and have to prepare for the entrance of rick perry in iowa and that changes things considerably. perry has a lot to prove. heaited quite late and the field is established and organized for today's festivities .
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now it is catch up time for the new candidate in the field. >> harris: we'll get to texas governor perry quickly. you will join us later in the hour because i want to talk to you about the relevancy of the straw poll when rick perry can get 700 votes and not even make his way to iowa. thank you for bringing us the breaking details. we'll come back to karl in a bit. for now texas governor rick perry is runing to replace president obama. his official announcement in front of the supporters in charleston. it was long awaited. governor perry considering a run for the white house for months. >> it is time to get america working again and that's why with the support of my family and unwaivering belief in the goodness of america. i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states.
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>> perry who has served three terps since taking the governor's office after the departure of president bush. he can raise campaign cash quickly which he may need to do to catch up with the contenders. johnathon why is governor perry throwing his hat in the ring at this point? >>reporter: the most important thing about the campaign is job creation. he touted his record in texas that saw the creation of 900,000 new jobs in the past 10 years and governor perry said that could translate nationally if elected. >> i am a texan and proud of it. but first and foremost, i am an incredibly proud american. [applause] and i know something. america is not broken.
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washington d.c. is broken. >> and now governor perry wants to go to washington to fix it, harris. >> harris: the governor getting criticism about not being in iowa and snagging the spotlight away from the signature and traditional event. does his not being in iowa hurt the governor? >>reporter: look at the results just in and governor perry comes in sixth with over three and half percent of the vote and that was as a write in candidate but over the long term perry runs the risk of alienating future caucus voters in iowa. he is making campaign stops in iowa and new hampshire where he is write now. he is trying to shore up strong support in south carolina which is the first primary state in the south and being the only show this town in conservative activist and
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behogers he may have stolen the attention away from the other candidates. >> harris: thank you very much. we'll move to the latest on the american kidnapped from his bed rom in pakistan. the u.s. embassy i'ving the victim as warren wein stein. this is a passport photo. a group of gunmen broke in the man's house first telling the guards they were bringing food to share and then overpower bursting inside and hustling warren winestein out. he told the staff he would be wrapping up his latest project and moving out of the pakistan on monday. many americans are breathing a sigh of relief. traders uncertain where the markets will go next after stunning losses. we'll break it all down and tell you what it means for your money and retirement
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another healthful, flavorful beneful. >> harris: congresswoman michelle bachmann talking to her supporters in ames before boarding the tour bus. >> we are taking the country back and it started in iowa. you have done it? iowa. god bless you all. "god bless america". we love you. thank you, everyone. we love you, god bless you, "god bless america". it is on to all 50 states. god bless you, everyone. [cheers and applause] love you. >> harris: michelle bachmann thanking her supporters and
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getting ready to hit the campaign trail and wanted see if she would say anything else. she is giving up. microphone. her bus is off to the side and see here board it. of the 16,000 votes she got the lion's share, ron paul out of texas and then by governor tim pawlenty. michelle bachmann getting the most votes and can forecast a little bit of what voters are thinking in terps of being the first state to have a caucus, iowa is. she's headed to water loo and rick perry, texas governor in the race will be there also. it should be interesting with the two of them in waterloo, iowa. for tonight a celebration for michelle bachmann and her camp. joining us is jerry willis. we are looking to next week as investors hope to calm sharp
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fluxution. dow jones seeing the first winning street but intense sell offs on monday. worst three weeks in the stock market since the dark days of the financial crisis in 2008. consumer confidence plummet leading investors to believe that we will not snap back quickly from the wild waves of the market. jerry, a lot of volatility and people had pointed to the uncertainty by europe and people can't pay their bills. what is the story line and what are we watching for. >> we'll be looking at europe again. the german chancellor and french president will be meeting on tuesday. one of the big concerns in the u.s.. growth. we don't have economic growth. there are reports with housing and manufacturing that will be key. >> harris: my next question is how bad can it get?
7:19 pm
i know you don't have a crystal ball, but so many more people are trading and the numbers are high. >> if you ask me if the vol titty will continue. maybe. it depends on the news. you had professional investors trading and high frequency traders trading and computerized trading and made the indexes go back and forth quickly. >> harris: so many more people getting in the game. if that was a roller coaster that would be most expensive. three rar owes are up and like a thousand point. corporate earnings on fire and len -- 11 percent higher and banks it would be 20 percent and consumers, you talk about sentiment. retail sales were up in july. we just had that report friday
7:20 pm
as well. >> harris: what about the 401 k. general consensus is that you don't panic? >> it is hard to play with them in the market place. you can't move as fast. mutual funds it can take you an entire day to sell it. sit back and watch and come up with a game plan to follow. a lot of people think there are a lot of bargains and deals. the pe ratio, how much stocks cost, they are on sale. had >> harris: yeah, there you go. even i get that part. gerri willis on the fox report. she is part of the best team in business. willis report every day. i am a fan on the fox business network. druge tealers in mexico. a well thought out plan to get into the united states. you are looking at it. while no one was watching.
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discovery by the mexican army bringing their plan to a screeching halt and miss nothing aruba. not natalee holloway but another woman. where is robin gardner. an american on vacation snorkeling and now missing on that island and police have interesting details on their prime suspect. stay with us. [ barks ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to knowoday - [ whistles ] ♪ know today,now today - [ cat ows ] - ♪ know th maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can lp you protect the things you care about... and save money wi multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit
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>> harris: police in philadelphia are cracking down by the violent attacks by the flash mob. the mayor announced a new curfew. if you are under the age of 18
7:25 pm
you have to be inside by 9:00 on friday and saturday night. they arrested teenagers and parents could be fined $500 for repeat offenders. but the mayor said the flash mobs are a problem. several people have been sent to the hospital with serious injuries. in harrisburg. 14 people were taken to the hospital after a grey hound bus crashed. it was on the way to st. louis from new york city. the state police said the driver lost control and hit a concrete barrer and hit an embankment. no reports of deaths. but more than nirt people have died from tour bus accidents since the first of the year. >> new research underway and the suspicious disappearance of an american woman in aruba. they are scouring an abandoned mind hoping to find robin
7:26 pm
gardener . earlier authorities believe she's dead. police holding gardner's friend on suspicious of involvement and confiscating a white rental car used by the couple. they searched his mansion in maryland. they are learning more about his first wife accusing him of abuse and another woman said he threatened and secretly videotaped her. breaking news on the search for a three year old missouri girl. prosecutor announcing first-degree murder charges for sean morgan alleging he killed brian rodriguez by suffocating her. she was last seen riding her bike a week ago. police found training wheels that went on the bike. the girl believes they are from his daughter's bike. they are searching for the
7:27 pm
girl's body. they have not called off the amber alert. we know who won the iowa staw pole. minnesotian michelle bachmann. we are looking live. remember moments ago, we showed you the congresswoman thanking live her supporters. she is inside of the tour bus and getting ready to leave for birth down of waterloo, iowa. we'll look at the bigger picture of the republican party . texas governor rick perry throwing his hat in the race or ring for president. he will number waterloo at the same time congresswoman will be . talk about what he can do for america. prayers are answered. it is raining in texas. finally the drought-stricken wildfires ravageditate needing
7:28 pm
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♪ slowly turned into a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that ds that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? in one place. ♪ the front-row tickets you never bought. the lucrative investment you never made. the exotic vacation you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus rx. but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer. >> harris: i am harris faulkner. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann winning the iowa straw poll, first crucial test for republican candidates
7:32 pm
hoping for a white house win in 2012 x. bachmann had 20 percent of the votes followed by ron paul and tim pawlenty. karl cameron in iowa. we thought we might see the action beheaven you. here you are, karl, in thursday night's debate congresswoman bachmann talked up key principles of the tea party. what message does her win send out there? >>reporter: it shows that republicans are claimoring for a harsh critic of president obama. someone who will take the president to task on a whole myriyadh of issues, not just the debt and spending but social issues and international policies . michelle bachmann in this nomination process has been aggress itch they have been concerned that she's been too shrill on occasions but here in iowa, there is a big and
7:33 pm
resounding cheer i expressed in the straw poll. she worked hard and the turn out of the straw poll was higher than the republican organizers expected. they talked about 10,000 to 12,000 votes and total of over 16,000 and very significant and michelle bachmann as she emerged from her bus after the victory clearly grateful. lin to this. >> you have just sent a message to barack obama, he will be a one-term president. >>reporter: and so the roster of achievement for the candidates and some doing not as well as others. michelle bachmann first, ron paul second and tim pawlenty a distant third and fourth place rick sanatorium. for him that is an opportunity to put new contributions under his belt and get attention . he's complained he's been
7:34 pm
struggling to get people attentive. herman cain coming in fifth and he gave a raucus speech. he had two strong debate performance and that may breathe new life into it and the surprise today, first-time ever. owa straw poll allowed write in . rick perry got 750 to 800 votes and that put him ahead of mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor is considered the national front runner and rick perry to beat him as a write in candidate is a significant that there is a battle coming between perry and romney. for mrs. bachmann she will campaign at a fingerprintic pace. he makes a point to say she is a congresswoman for minnesota and created her own business
7:35 pm
and said she is an iowan . she will be in town for a dinner . speak second . rick perry will make his debut. >> harris: it is interesting to say how many i have heard the name rick peryeit is the straw poll in iowa that is such a big event. on the heels of that comment, i would ask for the winner, michelle bachmann it is a huge deal. but how does it fit in? you get 700 votes and you are not even there, rick perry what does it say? >>reporter: it has had a certain amount of criticism because it is unofficial and most of the particants are offered incentives whether it is a ride on the bus or van or nice meal or two or live entertainment. randy travis played in michelle bachmann's tent today and those sorts of things get
7:36 pm
people to come and spend the day here. they would not do it unless they were seriously motivated republicans. it is not a test of what happen in the caucus themselves. straw poll is a test of the organization and the reward for the candidates is that it reassures the supporters and most importantly their donors, michelle bachmann can expect the money to roll in like it hasn't before in her campaign . historically the winner gets a ground swell of money and converselyy, tim pawlenty needed to make it in the top 3and even with his third place showing which is half of the vote that is michelle bachmann got and half that ron paul got, at least he stays alive. it may not be enough for him to see lots of money, but sig nalce to the donors and supporters that he is not out of the race. he warned that a poor showing and failing to meet the top three expectations might have
7:37 pm
lay to the potential of lay off of staff and downicizing of the cand daysy. it may cominevitably. it is not a deep cut. he's still alive. perhaps life support but not pushed out of the race. had it been worse than that it could have . yet it is not winning or losing. but rick sanatorium exceeded expectations by doing that. it is a symbolic measurement of where the campaign is now and we push forward for the campaign and january and february we'll have the cackus itself and race is on and then it is. >> harris: i know we have been saying it is on for a while. we appreciate the wrap up from ames, iowa. i shouldn't say it is a wrap up, we have seen michelle bachmann in the last little while talking with supporters who don't know what is next it is daylight there .
7:38 pm
top of the next hour, governor huckabee is there with a special edition of huckbee followed by a special edition of hanity there. is a lot going on. beginning at 8:00 p.m. only on fox. from the white house today, in his weekly address, president obama callog americans to told congress' feet to the fire. urging voters to pressure elected officials to pass stalled bills leak a pay roll tax cut. >> members of congress are at home in their districts right now and if you are a democrat or republican or not much of a fan of either. let them know, if you have had it with grid lock and want them to pass stalled bills to help our economy right now, let them know. >> harris: the president points the finger at congress, republicans say the administration is to blame for a economic engine that will not turn over.
7:39 pm
here is pat toomey. >> health care and wages and taxes are heading higher and our federal deficits are larger than when president obama took office. clearly the policies of the administration is not working. >> harris: the senator said the president inherited a weak economy but the administration has made it harder for the businesses to grow. >> a federal appeals court ruled that a key prosprition of the health care law is unconstitutional. congress overstepped authority by man dating all americans buy health insurance. opponents of the law like florida's governor rick scott are celebrating. >> it is great for america. obama care is a disaster for
7:40 pm
americans . horrible for patients and ration care and raise our taxes and it is a biggest job killer ever. it is outstanding and i always believed it was unconstitutional. >> harris: many analyst believe there is a 100% likelihood that the supreme court will hear the case this fall and with the decision in the middle of the presidential campaign. a tunnel leading from mexico to the united states and a dramatic rescue after twent people got trapped in a cable car dangling off of the ground. two stops as we go around the world in 80 singleds. somalia, a hospital in mogasdishu and children weakened from food getting a visit from a top un official. word from the united nations only 20 percent of the more than two and half million
7:41 pm
somalians have gotten it. somalia said even though the quaal-qaida linked terror group pulled out of mogasdishu there is concern that they may be attacked again. >> germany tourist trapped 330 feet above the ground in an alpine car. helicopter crews coming to the rescue and bringing all people back to safety. mexico. a drug smuggling tunnel from tijianato the united states. the incomplete tunnel is more than 900 feet long and entrance hit nen a partially constructed house. >> cuba, performers from several different countries singing happy birthday to former president castro. he's now 85. he did not attend the concert. it was airing on cuban
7:42 pm
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>> harris: a massive fire and it is our top story in the fox trip across america. wisconsin, flames ripping
7:46 pm
through an a mill south of greenbay and engulfing thousand bales of hay. no reports of injuries. investigators are trying to figure out what started it. florida, surveillance video show three people robbing a pet shop and making off with a three month old puppy. police getting a tip on the suspect and they are facing charges was grand theft. the football coach spotted the puppy near a dumpster a few miles from the store. i am an honest day. he turned the dog into the police station. it is doing well. workers in a convenience store saying they were sick and tired of people loitering outside and they came up with a solution . pretty loud. cuhear it all the way down the street. blaring classical music seems to be working. >> north carolina, people in a
7:47 pm
small city losing the statute of a confederate solder after a car ran into it. he will stand there in its place. >> as long as i have tompt third time i have been here . i will come back as many times as i have to. >> they don't mind losing the controversial statue and they are considering something new for that location. until then jamie is standing guard. that is a fox watch in america. >> creating new life from an old weapon of war. quarter of a century the uss robert radford had troops. now it is in the ocean on the final mission. jowly has more. >> the radford spent 26 years in active service.
7:48 pm
named for the chairman of joint chiefs of staff under president eisenhower it traveled to panama and oman and saw action in but - berut in the first gulf war. it took eight years to plan the sinking of the 563 foot former destroyer as part of the art i shall reeve program and three hours it was gone. 130 feet below the water of the new jersey, delaware and maryland after they were opened to begin the flooding process. the rad ford slipped below the service. less than one mind it gave off a few water spouts and set off cheers . seeing her go was bitter sweet. >> she was part of us and we were part of her. she will always be with us in
7:49 pm
one form or another. the experiences we had on board with her will stay with us for the rest of our lifes. >> she will go down to another role and she will still be in service . people can come and see her. many will i hope. >> the project cost one million and 14 months to strip her down to the hull rideled struthure that floated on wednesday. >> julie, thank you, that was amazing story. white house paying tribute to an american hero. marine sergeant dacota myer getting the medal of honor. you have to see his story. plus president obama inviting super bowl champion greenbay packers to the white house. one of them couldn't get to the front door and missed the entire celebration. what happened. how do you miss getting in? we'll explain.
7:50 pm
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>> harris: sergeant dacota myers said he just did his job. he's the first living marine to receive the medal of honor in 40 years and we are learning more about his remarkable story. we'll learn more from peter doocy. >> heavy machine gun and gunfire didn't stop marin sergeant dacota myers of saving soldiers and retrieving four bodies. he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire. he said he did what any marine
7:54 pm
would do and he wants to make sure the focus stays on those who didn't make it off of the battlefield. >> the it is not for me. if it was for me i would use it it is for the guys who died and their families. >> that was important and being a part of the team. those guyers are important to him. he still feels responsible. >> the commandant of the marie corp said of myer he is the example of. he serving as an inspiration of all marines. etched in our corps' legacy of courage and valor.
7:55 pm
he will be the first marine to receive it in 40 years and heel receive it on september 15th. >> harris: thank you. congresswoman michelle bachmann is celebrating right now . a crucial first test for republicans in the race for the white house. you are looking at video that happened a while ago as she thanked her supporters and a recap of the fox top story coming right up. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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or visit harris: the chicago cubs putting the pitcher on the disqualified list saying he will not be paid for 30 days after the pitch got him toss lost to the atlanta braves.
7:59 pm
he cleaned out the locker and telling the team personnel he might retire. the team manager called it intolerable. i have a two year old who does that. >> it doesn't matter if you are a super bowl champ. if you don't follow the rules you will not get to meet the president. that's what happened yesterday. veteran bishop forgot the id on the team plane. this gives him motivation to win again and come back next year. good luck. >> recapping the top story. first major test for the republicans hoping for a 2012 white house win. michelle bachmann told a crowd of supporters that they made a town cupayment on taking the country back. >> "god bless america". it is on to all 50 states. >> it is time to get american working.


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